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Luxury vinyl

It’s amazing what you can turn any space into, If you use unique and beautiful vinyl panels 

Luxury Vinyl Planks Floor
Cozy Workspace for Designers

 The mixture of white and black gives it unlimited possibilities for matches. It can match both modern and classic interior designs. 

It’s amazing what you can turn a small space with limited lighting into if you use the right vinyl floor 

Modern Designs for Everyone

White with some gray elements, oak mystic white is the most modern color in the Pristine floor collection

We are a manufacturer of beautiful and unique luxury vinyl panels that will take your interior to a higher level of style and elegance.

We are the keepers of ancient memory and skills. Since our debut Pristine Floorings has driven by an untamed spirit of innovation. We have combined the innate gift of nature with the genius of man to manufacture unique wood flooring creations.

Elegance and Modernity (1840×793 px)
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We have a wide range of products that meet the toughest requirements.

Our rich offer will let you choose the one color that will be perfect for your interior

Luxury Vinyl Floors Plank a

Transform your interior into something special

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